Middle School Choir

Mrs. Tracey Nycz has been teaching in Northwest Ohio for 16 years and is currently in her 12th year of teaching choir at Woodmore Middle School and High School. Mrs. Nycz holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio and a Master of Music Education with a Choral Music Education Specialization from Bowling Green State University. Throughout her career, Mrs. Nycz has specialized in the process of the adolescent voice change and has presented on this subject at both the Ohio Music Education Association and American Choral Directors Association Professional Conferences.

Choral Handbook

Woodmore Middle School offers comprehensive choral experiences for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Currently, there are three choirs at WMS: 6th Grade Mixed Choir, 7th and 8th Grade Boys’ Choir, and 7th and 8th Grade Girls’ Choir. Students in these classes are given challenging, yet appropriate repertoire designed to teach proper vocal technique and help the young singer find success in the choral classroom. These classes discuss the adolescent voice in a way that helps students understand the physiological changes happening to their voices and places them appropriately in the choir for maximum success. Students perform in four concerts per school year and have the opportunity to participate in Solo and Ensemble.

Important Dates for Middle School

Here are the Important Dates for MS Choir:

Monday, December 12 at Woodmore High School-- 7:00pm -- Christmas Concert -- Grades 6-12

Tuesday, March 7 at Woodmore High School-- 7:00pm -- Winter Concert -- Grades 6-12

Tuesday, May 23 at Woodmore High School-- 7:00pm -- Spring Concert -- Grades 6-12