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Boys Cross Country News

Girls Win NBC Title; Boys Fifth

posted Oct 14, 2017, 11:01 AM by Steve Barr

10/14/17 - The girls middle school cross country had the top two runners and put six runners in the top 11 of the Northern Buckeye Conference Championships to easily win the team title with 20 points.  Genoa was the runner-up with 50 points.  Seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl was the individual champion running the 3200 meter course in 13:03.92 while seventh-grader Macey Bauder was the second runner across the finish line in a time of 13:35.44.  Seventh-grader Angela Dickerson placed fourth in a time of 13:41.29, eighth-grader Sidney Wank was seventh running 14:18.13, seventh-grader Jordan Beam ran a time of 14:41.93 to place 10th, and eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 11th in a time of 14:45.24.  There were 33 runners in the race.  On the boys side, the Wildcats placed fifth with 115 points.  Genoa won the team title with 42 points.  Eighth-grader Josh Hobbs finished fourth, in a field of 42 runners, in a time of 12:22.86 to lead the Wildcats.  Evan Hoeft from Genoa was individual champion in a time of 11:57.38.  The next Wildcat across the finish line in the 3200 meter race was seventh-grader Richard Torres in 28th-place with a time of 15:36.40.  Eighth-grader Marty Repka finished 32nd in a time of 16:29.04, seventh-grader Logan Hernandez was 38th in a time of 18:06.87, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert ran 20:55.19 to place 42nd.

Girls Finish 2nd; Boys 12th at Fostoria Meet

posted Oct 7, 2017, 12:48 PM by Steve Barr

10/7/17 - In the final tune-up before the Northern Buckeye Conference Championships next weekend at Eastwood, the middle school cross country team competed at the Fostoria Booster Cross Country Invitational.  The girls team placed second out of six teams with 66 points. Liberty Center took the team title with 38 points.  The boys team was 12th among the 12 teams with 253 points.  In the girls race, seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl was the first Woodmore runner across the finish line in 13:36.23 to place fourth among the 75 runners.  Seventh-grader Macey Bauder placed 12th running 14:25.30 and eighth-grader Sidney Wank finished 26th in a time of 15:14.50.  Seventh-grader Angela Dickerson was 28th in 15:19.52, eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 37th in 15:47.79, and seventh-grader Jordan Beam was 38th in 15:49.21.  On the boys side, eighth-grader Josh Hobbs placed 28th in a time of 13:40.11 while seventh-grader Richard Torres placed 68th in 16:03.25.  Eighth-grader Marty Repka was 74th in 17:00.48, seventh-grader Logan Hernandez ran 18:42.32 to place 90th, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert finished 99th in a time of 22:49.14.

Girls 3rd; Boys 12th at Old Fort Invite

posted Sep 30, 2017, 4:38 PM by Steve Barr

9/30/17 - The girls cross country team put all six runners in the top 41 and finished third as a team with 93 points at the Old Fort Invitational.  The boys team had 292 points and placed 12th.  Seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl placed third individually running at a time of 12:36.16 while seventh-grader Macey Bauder placed 8th in a time of 13:26.60.  Eighth-grader Sidney Wank placed 27th in 14:15.24 while seveth-grader Jordan Beam ran 14:9.51 to place 30th, eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 36th in 14:36.06, and seventh-grader Angela Dickerson finished 41st in 14:45.06.  For the boys, eighth-grader Josh Hobbs placed 30th in 12:50.62 and eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel was 63rd in 14:09.37.  Seventh-grader Richard Torres placed 72nd in 14:36.38, eighth-grader Marty Repka was 102nd in 16:19.88, seventh-grader Logan Hernandez placed 107th in 16:53.59, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert was 123rd in 20:22.29.

Girls Win Streak Invite; Boys are Fifth

posted Sep 23, 2017, 7:47 PM by Steve Barr

9/23/17 - Led by individual champ Olivia Vogelpohl, the girls cross country team won the Streak Invitational with 23 points.  The boys team placed fifth with 108 points.  Vogelpohl, a seventh-grader, won the race in a time of 13:13.91.  Seventh-grader Macey Bauder finished fourth in 13:56.54, seventh-grader Angela Dickerson was sixth in 14:24.04, and eighth-grader Sidney Wank was 10th in a time of 14:47.46.  Seventh-grader Jordan Beam was 13th in 15:08.77 and eighth-grader Kristen Davis finished 14th in 15:26.94.  On the boys side, eighth-grader Josh Hobbs was seventh in a time of 13:24.66.  Eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel finished 18th in 14:16.64 and seventh-grader Richard Torres ran 14:58.53 to place 26th.  Other Woodmore runners included: eighth-grader Marty Repka (42nd, 17:06.18), seventh-grader Logan Hernandez (51st, 18:58.35), and eighth-grader Nick Rothert (55th, 23:00.64).

Girls Win NBC Jamboree; Boys Are Fifth

posted Sep 19, 2017, 7:06 PM by Steve Barr

9/19/17 - The girls cross country team put all six runners in the top 12 to win the NBC Jamboree hosted by Rossford with 19 points.  The boys team had 96 points to finish fifth.  Seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl won the girls race in a time of 13:24 while seventh-grade Macey Bauder was third in 13:54, seventh-grader Angela Dickerson was fourth in 13:55, eighth-grader Sidney Wank was eighth in 14:39, seventh-grader Jordan Beam was ninth in 15:07, and eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 12th in 15:24.  On the boys side, eighth-grader Josh Hobbs was second in a time of 12:55 while eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel was 16th in a time of 14:54.  Seventh-grader Richard Torres was 22nd in a time of 16:02, eighth-grader Marty Repka placed 38th in 19:12, seventh-grader Logan Hernandez ran 20:12 to place 39th, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert was 41st in 22:05.

Girls 2nd; Boys 15th at Lakota

posted Sep 16, 2017, 7:57 PM by Steve Barr

9/16/17 - The girls cross country team placed second in the Myron Cline Invitational hosted by Lakota while the boys team was 15th.  The girls put three runners in the top 13 and had 67 team points to finish behind only Fremont Ross (65 points) in the invitational.  The boys team had 284 team points.  Seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl was the runner-up in the meet running a time of 12:59.97 finishing behind only a runner from Gibsonburg who was timed in 12:47.11.  Seventh-grader Macey Bauder was 12th in a time of 13:36.96 while seventh-grade teammate Angela Dickerson placed 13th in 13:46.13.  Eighth-grader Kristen Davis placed 34th in 15:10.17 and seventh-grader Jordan Beam was 42nd in 15:27.58.  On the boys side, eighth-grader Josh Hobbs finished 15th in a time of 12:36.94 and Mason Hablitzel was the second Woodmore runner to cross the finish line running 14:25.28 to place 60th.  Other Woodmore runners included: seventh-grader Richard Torres (73rd, 15:12.19), eighth-grader Marty Repka (111th, 17:51.43), seventh-grader Logan Hernandez (115th, 18:09.31), and eighth-grader Nick Rothert (128th, 22:16.69).

Girls 5th; Boys 29th in Tiffin Race

posted Sep 11, 2017, 8:23 AM by Steve Barr

9/9/17 - The girls middle school cross country team finished fifth with 169 points out of 27 teams in the Tiffin Carnival at Hedges Boyer Park while the boys team was 29th of 30 team with 726 points.  Top finisher for the girls team was seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl who ran 13:13.0 to place 11th.  Seventh-grader Macey Bauder finished 28th running 13:50.4 and eighth-grader Sidney Wank placed 40th in a time of 14:12.4  Eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 49th in 14:33.6, seventh-grader Kristen Davis was 51st in 14:38.2, and seventh-grader Jordan Beam placed 58th in a time of 14:57.9.  On the boys side, eighth-grader Josh Hobbs was 106th in a time of 13:44.0, eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel placed 146th in a time of 14:59.0, and seventh-grader Rick Torres was 148th in 15:01.7.  Eighth-grader Marty Repka was 190th in 17:23.0, Logan Hernandez was 201st in a time of  19:32.2, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert was 205th in a time of 22:59.2.

Girls 3rd in Grove Invite; Vogelpohl 2nd; Boys Finish 18th

posted Sep 2, 2017, 2:42 PM by Steve Barr

9/2/17 - The girls team finished third in the Columbus Grove Invitational with 106 points while the boys team placed 18th with 495 points.  Minster was the girls team champion with 59 points.  Seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl placed second individually among 167 runners with a time of 12:51.84.  The winning time, by a runner from Minster, was 12:39.94.  Seventh-grader Macey Buader was 18th in a time of 13:36.35 while eighth-grader Sidney Wank placed 31st in 13:57.34.  Seventh-grader Angela Dickerson placed 42nd in 14:24.86, eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 43rd in 14:32.54, and seventh-grader Jordan Beam was 55th in 14:48.44.  Eighth-grader Josh Hobbs was the top finisher for the boys placing 52nd in 12:51.76.  Eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel was 156th (14:53.88), seventh-grader Richard Torres was 157th (14:54.39), eighth-grader Marty Repka was 195th (16:55.25), and eighth-grader Nick Rothert placed 218th (21:50.14).

Girls Have Winner and 5 of top 8 to Win NBC Jamboree; Boys are 5th

posted Aug 29, 2017, 5:22 PM by Steve Barr

8/29/17 - The girls team had the individual winner and placed five runners in the top eight to run away with the team title in the Northern Buckeye Conference Jamboree hosted by Eastwood.  The boys placed fifth.  Seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl won the race with a time of 13:24.58, a little less than 12 seconds ahead of the second-place runner from Lake.  Seventh-grader Macey Bauder was third in 14:10.67, eighth-grader Sidney Wank was fifth in 14:27.11, eighth-grader Kristen Davis was seventh in 15:40.53, and seventh-grader Jordan Beam was eighth in 15:46.21 to lead the Wildcats to the first-place team finish.  Seventh-grader Angela Dickerson placed 19th in a time of 17:17.11 to complete the finishes of the Wildcat runners.  Woodmore had a team total of just 17 points. The boys placed fifth with 116 points as eighth-grader Josh Hobbs was fifth in a time of 13:36.06.  Eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel was 19th in 15:29.50, seventh-grader Rick Torres was 27th in 16:49.18, eighth-grader Marty Repka was 35th in 18:59.31, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert was 40th in 24:01.48.

Runners Open Season at Seneca East

posted Aug 28, 2017, 6:58 AM by Steve Barr

8/26/17 - The middle school cross country team opened its season at the Tiger Classic hosted by Seneca East.  The girls team put six runners in the top 38 to win the met with 72 points while the boys had just five runners in the meet and did not have a team score.  Top finisher for the girls team was seventh-grader Olivia Vogelpohl who was third in a time of 13:06.55.  The individual winning time was 12:41.59.  Seventh-grader Macey Bauder placed 14th in a time of 14:10.90.  There were 102 runners in the meet.  Seventh-grader Angela Dickerson placed 18th in 14:20.02, eighth-grader Sidney Wank was 15th in 14:28.24, eighth-grader Kristen Davis was 35th in 15:21.30, seventh-grader Jordan Beam placed 38th in a time of 15:36.21, and seventh-grader Emma Foos was 80th in 18:37.87.  Top finisher for the boys was eighth-grader Josh Hobbs who finished 36th in 13:50.97. Also running for Woodmore was eighth-grader Mason Hablitzel who was 61st in a time of 15:47.01, seventh-grader Rick Torres who was 80th in 16:25.93, eighth-grader Marty Repka was 92nd in a time of 17:00.99, and eighth-grader Nick Rothert ran 23:17.40 to place 114th.

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